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The Complete Software Database for Computers

Having a computer is a good feeling, as there are so many businesses that will be good if you have the computers. In case of improving your life quality, the computers will help you a lot in getting easiness in your life as well as making your things to be simpler, easier to do. Indeed, since the computers come in people’s life, you can get lots of attractive features for doing the work. The first is about how you can get the best features for the computers. The software will be a good thing to start your work. But, you should never be afraid as FileHippo will give you a perfect set of the best software for computers.

For everyone who never heard about this unique platform, you can get it as a place that will give you a perfect database of any software that will be suitable for your computers. Every computer owner knows that they need to invest more in having the supporting software that is perfect and will make you get the best experience when operating your products. In this case, you can get the best from the computers by installing the software that is perfectly good for your needs. When you choose them, you can try some of the best ones on the website.

Get the Best Software for your Computers

FileHippo is a good website where you can find the best software that will be comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle. This website will be completed with some unique features on the web, making sure that you will never get any disappointment when choosing the software. In this case, you might be quite curious about what software and useful apps that can be downloaded from the web. But, you should never hesitate as there is a complete software that will be perfect for your computers. Here are some of the essential software you can download:

  1. The first category of the app is the antivirus apps. Indeed, as your laptop might be vulnerable to the virus with its connection to the internet, you need to have a shield that will be perfect for your need. The antivirus will be really helpful for everyone who wants to protect their computers from any damaging things. The antivirus software is also available in various types from various brands. All you have to do is to choose them based on what you need.
  2. The browser is also essential for you who love to browse the internet. Don’t worry, you can get the software from the website that will be perfect for everyone. The browsers are available in various types from many developers. In case of downloading them, you can choose the features that will be good. Some browsers are available with a booster that will make your browsing experience more fun. Some others come with a light data usage. You just have to choose the best one that suits you in FileHippo!
  3. You can also download the converter + compression applications. When it comes to you to get along with some apps, you can use them based on your need. This is a perfect app that will be comfortable to convert any file that will be good to use. If you have a big file size, you can download the compressor to reduce the size of the related file. You can also get them easily for your need.
  4. Data protector is also a good thing for you to have. When you choose them for your computers, you can find it to be really helpful to protect your data. There are some data protector applications that will be good to use. For example, the data protector will be easy for you to retrieve the lost data for your need. Besides, you can also protect and hide the file that you need to have them to be private.

See, there are some applications that will be good for your need. When it comes to you to download those essential apps for your computers, you can choose them based on what you need. Besides, you can also find some of the most attractive looks for your need. In this case, is one of the best websites as there are so many applications that will be suitable for your needs. The better news is you can get them for the Linux, Windows, and Mac.

3 Easy Ways to Convert PDF to Word

PDF to Word

PDF is undoubtedly a popular file format that boasts portability for easier document sharing. But when it comes to making some changes, PDF documents give you more challenges. To enable editing, you need to convert PDF to Word document.

There are many ways to convert PDF files to Word instantly. Once converted, you can easily make changes, save in Word and then convert the documents back to PDF. For further information, get the answer in this post!

3 Ways for How to Convert PDF to Word

From using an online converter to Google Docs, there are different ways to help you convert PDF to Word before editing. Check out the following list and get inspired!

1. Using Online Converter

This is the most convenient and fastest way to convert PDF documents to Word. Without the need of installing any program or spending a dime, you can easily convert file formats as desired. Most converters also support other formats like JPG to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and much more.

There are plenty of online converters you can benefit from. Simply type the keyword on your browser search bar and choose one that you like the most, one of them is

How to use an online converter? The following steps should help you:

  • Go to the, choose PDF to Word.
  • Upload a PDF file from your device or cloud.
  • Click Convert PDF to Word. Wait for the processing time.
  • Download the converted file.

That’s how to convert PDF documents to Word. The steps might vary depending on the online converter you are using.

2. Using Google Docs

Not many people know that Google Docs has a function to convert PDF to Word. With it, you can open PDF document and save as other formats including docx, txt, rtf, and many more. Much like using online converter, you don’t necessarily need to download software or pay for the service.

Google Docs

Here is how to convert PDF to Word using Google Docs:

  • Go to Google Docs, login with your account.
  • Upload a PDF file by clicking the file icon.
  • Choose a file from your device or Google Drive.
  • On the dropdown list, click Open with Google Docs.
  • Once opened, click File. Choose Download and select Microsoft Word (.docx).
  • It will load the converted document to your device.

This method works well for text-version and scanned PDF. But when it contains images, Google Docs won’t convert images so it will be missing. Read more on

3. Using Microsoft Word

If you have a newer MS Office (2013 or above) installed on your computer, you can easily convert PDF to Word right from Microsoft Word. This program comes with a built-in feature dubbed PDF reflow that enables you to convert PDF files to Word.doc. Thus, you can easily edit the document.

Microsoft Word

MS Word supports text version PDF only, which means your scanned PDF can’t be supported by this program. Take a closer look at the following steps to convert PDF to Word:

  • Open Microsoft Word.
  • Click File, select Open.
  • Choose Computer and browse the PDF file you want to convert. Click Open.
  • You will see a warning message. Confirm to continue. MS Word will start converting PDF file.
  • Check the converted document and edit as desired.

Please note that Microsoft Word might not give you optimum result. The converted document might not look the same as the original document, especially if it contains a lot of graphics. That’s why you need to check the result and make changes here and there for the best result.

In a nutshell, there are different ways to convert PDF to Word. Ranging from online converter to Microsoft Word, you can easily edit a PDF file once it is converted to Word format.

9 Best Apps for Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

Nowadays, many people enjoy infotainment, news, sport, and entertainment through online media. We can say that Amazon did a good job of foreseeing this thing. That’s why we now have Fire TV Stick, or widely known as firestick. Therefore, to give you several options, here are the best apps for firestick:

1. Netflix

One of the best apps for firestick is Netflix. This application can watch a streaming film and program TV easily. Many people download this application to watch their favorite films. There are many kinds of genre films in this application. So, film-lovers should download this application.

2. Hulu

This application provides many kinds of program TV. There are sports, news, film, and kids programs. Thus, this application is the most complete application for family and watching together. So, watching this application will be more interesting because all of the family can enjoy it.

3. Kodi

This application is free. So, many people download this application. That’s why this application is the best app for firestick. This application provides a hundred add-on for live streaming, sports streaming, and film streaming. This application is user friendly. So, many people love it.

4. Showbox

This application provides a gorgeous portfolio. There’s comprehensive content to satisfy all of the users. This application is about film and program TV. Even though there is no application in the app store, this application can be downloaded by APK, directly.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

This application is the best app for firestick because this application has 100 channels. It’s free and it can be downloaded at the app store for firestick. Even for the near time, it will diversify the category. So, Pluto is always one step ahead of other applications. Because there is no application as good as Pluto TV.

6. Crackle

One of the entertainment applications is developed by Sony. Therefore, Crackle presents high-class infotainment. Uniquely, this application has a feature of parent’s control that it can watch children control what they watch. So, children will watch good entertainment.

7. Sling TV

This application offers the best channel and planning to fix the price. Therefore, Sling TV claims itself as the application to provide TV programs. Even this application is a heavy competitor of UFC. Sling TV is a paid service. Thus,  It can be found at the app store of firestick easily.

8. HBO Now

Listening to HBO is an old name in entertainment, but this application always provides fresh entertainment. Now, let’s download this application into firestick and feel a thousand pieces of entertainment. You will like it very much. So, let’s ask all of the family to join and watch the entertainment in HBO Now.

9. Crunchy Roll

This application is special for cartoon lovers. This application provides streaming the best anime and the biggest in Asia about Anime. There are many favorite anime in this application. Such as my hero Academia and Dragon Ball. So, this is good news for anime lovers.

Those are some of the best apps for firestick. Now, watching streaming about everything will be more fun at home. Even more, nowadays everyone should stay at home during COVID 19. Therefore, many people find entertainment to support activities at home. Not to mention, you can run to Drivers and Software to get the apps.

How to Set Process Priority Windows 10 – How to Tweak It

Process Priority Windows 10

What’s the importance of knowing how to set priority Windows 10? Well, as you are well aware of (provided that you know), Windows would share the CPU resources from your computer between the running apps. How many resources are there? Well, that depends on the priority. The priority would determine the overall process of the share. The higher the (priority) level is, the more (resources) would be allocated to it.

However, not everyone is familiar with the process of how to set the priority – especially in Windows 10. So, if you want to know the overall stages and details, read on.

What to Know?

There are basically 6 levels of priority in the Windows process, consisting of Low, Below Normal, Normal, Above Normal, High, and Realtime. The default level is Normal. In most cases, this one can run without any problem. Feel free to change the priority process temporarily – depending on your wants to slow it down or speed it up. The apps is able to automatically adjust their priority. Such popular apps, like 7-Zip or WinRar, can raise their own priority to improve their process. Media players, such as Winamp, can raise the priority process during the playback. Pretty cool, huh?

Be advised, though, that common users aren’t supposed to set the Realtime setting. If you insist on doing so, it will create system instability because it will consume the CPU at 100% capacity and then intercept the mouse and keyboard input. In the end, the PC would be unusable.

How to Change the Level

You can learn how to set priority Windows 10 through these stages:

Task Manager

  • Open the Task Manager
  • If there is the requirement to use ‘More Details’, then switch to it. There will be a link at the bottom side right corner that you can use.
  • Choose the tab Details and choose it
  • Choose the desired process that you want by right-clicking it. Choose Set Priority from the available context menu. And then there will be submenu drop-down, showing the level that you want. Choose the one that you want. For instance, Above Normal.
  • Then you will see the following dialog box, asking you ‘Do you want to change the priority of the Far.exe?’ You can choose Change Priority. If you have a change of heart, choose Cancel.
  • You need to confirm the operation
  • The process completes

Starting up a Process

If you want to start a certain process within your desired priority, you can use Start. Here are the stages:

  • Open the new command prompt
  • Type in the (following) command:

start “”/AboveNormal”C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe”

  • This is the example format for Above Normal priority
  • You can replace the value with the priority level that you want. And replace the exe path with the one (the app) you want to operate or run

In the event you want to choose wmic, a console tool, you can also do it. But the process is more complicated because you need to understand the value based on different priority levels. For instance, for Realtime, the value would be 256. For High, it would be 128. For Above Normal, it would be 32768. It would be simpler to know the regular and common ways of how to set priority Windows 10.

5 Best Wireless Gaming Keypad for PC

If you are a dedicated gamer, you’d want to know your options to wireless gaming keypad for PC – at least know some of the potential and reliable candidates. If you think that a keypad is just the same as the keyboard, then you are hugely mistaken. It is basically an independent device that is fully operating on its own to improve gaming comfort. It is an important tool – at least for gamers. With the combination of sturdy construction, hand comfort, and easy of use, you will definitely love it.

Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma

Razer Tartarus V2 Chroma

This is a cool device having up to 16.8 million of custom backlighting options and effects with 32 programmable keys. When you first open the box, you will see the keypad along with the user guide and some stickers. The ergonomic design is super nice, and once you operate it, you can’t get enough of it. Thanks to the human-look-alike palm, there is no way that you will suffer from discomfort or fatigue after long hours. It also comes with 2.0 Synapse software that is handy to deal with the backlighting and the keypad’s program. If you want to create your personal profile, feel free to do so.

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

Razer Orbweaver Chroma

Who doesn’t know Razer? It is the first brand ever to install the mechanical switch within its keypad. This one isn’t different. You will love the fact that it comes with 8-positions D-Pad, a functional button, autonomous backlighting, a space bar, and also real programmable buttons up to 20 different options. They are super handy when you want to switch profiles. Another cool thing about this wireless gaming keypad for PC is the fact that it is compatible with all kinds of operating systems, including the MAC OSx. If you want to use your laptops to play games, this keypad would be super handy. In terms of design and construction, this one is pretty ergonomic. No need to worry about fatigue after long hours of playing. And another plus side is the beautiful and artistic design of this keypad.

Xfuny One-Handed Gaming Keypad

Xfuny One-Handed Gaming Keypad

This one is pretty unique because it has its own driver CD. This is quite unusual, considering that people today prefer downloading the driver from online websites. But that’s not a big issue, really. The keypad works just well, but you do need to install the program for the macros and backlight settings. The different key sets are also nice but don’t really expect them to be super reliable as the original German’s product.

Logitech G13 Pad

Logitech G13 Pad

This is a keypad having a display screen – an LCD panel – with on-board memory that is able to store around 5 different profiles. When it comes to construction, it has a slightly curved shape that makes it super nice to use. The joystick is another extra feature that you will like about this keypad. The construction is smooth and firm, so it is super convenient for long hours of use. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Plug&Play.

Delux T9 Keypad

Delux T9 Keypad

As one of the best wireless gaming keypad for PC, this device has a combination of superb ergonomic design and Plug&Play function. With non-programmable keys up to 46 options, it is definitely convenient to use. And another thing to like about it is the affordable price with a simple design. And the design is comfortable, so you won’t have to worry about fatigue for long hours of use.

If you are interested in another gadget or device, or even technology updates in general, feel free to visit Best AREight. You can get a lot of updates and info from this site, including about the wireless gaming keypad for PC and their various options.

Best Smartphone in 2020 With Great Specs And Features

A smartphone is now something that anyone can buy and have. With the development of technology, Smartphones have become more advanced and smart compared to the old days. You can use Smartphones for many functions other than just for calling and texting a person. If you are planning to buy a smartphone, then you should first know the best smartphone in 2020. Therefore, you can compare it on the phone with another and choose the best one.

A good smartphone is not always about the high-cost or super specs on it. The best smartphone is the phone that can offer great features to you but worth the price. And the list below is the smartphones that offer them to you. So, if you are planning to buy a smartphone, here are the top best smartphone 2020 that you should check:

1. Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

The number one Smartphone 2020 is Samsung Galaxy S10, a brand that is quite popular among many people. This version comes with an OS of Android 9 and RAM 8/12 GB. For you who like to take pictures will be amazed at their cameras. The front camera is 10MP whereas the back phone is completed with a 12 MP camera. The screen also comes in the right size, not too big or small if you use it for watching a movie. As for the battery life, it can last for 12-16 hours if you use it all day long. Overall, this is one of the best smartphones 2020, however, it is a bit pricey.

2. Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei P30 Pro

The second-best Smartphone must be Huawei P30 Pro because of its great features and ability. This is a great phone for people who need a high-resolution camera because it gives a 40MP camera. The screen is 6.4 inches, so it is quite large and easy to use for typing. You can also control the brightness according to how you like them, even in a dark room. You can use the phone for the whole day and your battery will stay alive. The cons of this phone are only the screen that is too full.

3. iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11 Pro

Who doesn’t know this brand that is known for its expensive price? Even though it is expensive, the phone does come with great features such as iOS 13 and a great battery. No matter how many things you upload on your phone, your phone won’t slow down. The battery also lasts very long, even after hours of using them.

4. OnePlus 7T Pro

OnePlus 7T Pro

If you are looking for an affordable Smartphone with complete features, then check the OnePlus 7T Pro. Some of you may not be aware of this brand because it is a Chinese brand and is quite new. However, even though it is new, the phones are compatible with other kinds of brands. It comes with a fun pop-up camera and beautiful display. Overall, this is one of the most recommended phones to get if you are limited by a budget.

5. Oppo Reno 10X Zoom

Oppo Reno 10X Zoom

This is the next affordable Smartphone that you can consider buying. The battery is 4,065 mAh and comes with a resolution of 1080 x 2340, which is quite high for its price. One of the unique things about this smartphone is the pop-up selfie camera and the 10x zoom. With this feature, you can zoom a very far object and still make it look good. So, this is a great phone for those who need a good phone with a good camera at an affordable price.

When you are looking for a smartphone, make sure to list the specs that you want. Then compare one phone with another to get the best smartphone. Don’t forget to also adjust to the budget you have, so you don’t spend too much. For more details and recommendations about the best smartphone 2020, visit Sylvia Juncosa – Best Product Review Site. You will get more and complete information on what you need.

Use Of Bluestacks On PC For Android Users


Have you ever felt tired after looking too long on your mobile phone? And you feel you just need a bigger screen to help with what you are doing. Well, for those who are Android users can be glad because now there is a thing called Android Emulator. An Android emulator is a software that allows people to run their Android system on their PC. There are many kinds of emulators apps available these days, but one of the top emulators is Bluestacks. The use of Bluestacks is just like others, however, this emulator can be used in the iOS system.

Bluestacks is an app that will help people run their Android system using their PC. People can get the app on their official website, whether the free or premium version. For a try, it is better to download the free version first to feel the function of the app. The main function of the app is to run Android systems, but the use of Bluestacks is more than that. Here are some of the functions of Bluestacks that you can use on your PC:

Use Of Bluestacks On PC

1. Transfer Data

Transferring data from your phone to your computer can take some time. Whether you transfer it using email or cable data it will take some time. There are also times that people just forget to transfer data and missed them on the phone. If you are one of these people, then use Bluestacks on your PC. Without any cable or email, you can transfer or get your data using the app. All you need to do is sync the data between your app and your mobile phone.

2. Text Messages

Focusing on two gadgets is quite hard, therefore use one of them instead of two. The use of Bluestacks makes this possible because you can text by your PC. Whether you want to text using your social media or using traditional text messages, they are both available. However, to be able to text, you must download a connector in Google Play. Once you download it, you can use your messages and start texting.

3. Play Games

Play Games on Bluestacks

Playing an exciting game on your mobile can sometimes be tiring because of the small screen and pads. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because you can now play them on your PC. Bluestucks provide more than 50,000 games and apps from Android, so you are sure to have fun.

4. Delete and/or Add Software

Just like using your normal phone, using this app you can add and delete software that you will be needing. Installing software from your phone can take some time, so it is faster from your PC. This way you won’t lose your mobile data either.

5. Organize your Phone

Not many people use this function, but you can organize the content of your phone with this app. However, make sure to the File organizer to help you organize it with your PC. Is the Blustacker safe to do this task? Yes, as long as your account is safe, then the Bluestacks will also be safe. Organizing from your PC is faster and easier, so when it gets full use Bluestacks.

These are some of the top uses of Bluestacks that people mostly use the app for. It is possible that the app will be developed and have more functions to help people. However, in the meantime, these are top use and they have been helpful for many people. To get more features on the app, make sure to download the latest version of the app. Thus, for those who ask is Bluestacks safe, the answer is a yes!

How To Check If An iPhone Is Unlocked or Unlocked

How To Check if an iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

Some people are usually not aware of the iPhone they buy. They just carry about the iPhone that they bought has good looking and cheap. But be careful with the good looking appearance of the iPhone. When you buy a used iPhone, you need to be aware of everything not just about the physical appearance. The buyer should know whether or not the iPhone is unlocked or locked. If you wonder about how to check if an iPhone is unlocked, then we will explain it to you.

Know Your iPhone Clearly

iPhone is one of the most famous smartphones that exists among people. Therefore, many people make a trick and debase the iPhone. They want to get more by their trick, especially for the used iPhone. Thus, we should know and understand the specific information about our iPhone. We should never let people make a trick of us. The important thing to do in order to know better about our iPhone is by checking whether the iPhone is locked or unlocked.

What Happened with Locked And Unlocked iPhone?

The locked iPhone will totally disturb the owner. The iPhone will not be available to connect or to do some work. The carrier cannot be connected by the reason locked iPhone. Thus, we can say that we are losing something in the iPhone that we bought.

However, the unlocked iPhone can work as a common iPhone. It is available for all the settings and carriers of the iPhone. Commonly, the locked iPhone occurs to the used iPhone. Thus, we should be aware of the used iPhone that we want to buy. We should check everything such as the IMEI of the iPhone.

Steps on How to Check if an iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

The next important information is the way to check whether our iPhone is locked or unlocked. When you wonder about the way you can try the following steps in order to check the iPhone.

1. Checking Via Setting

How to Check if an iPhone is Unlocked or Locked b

To check the locked or unlock of your iPhone you can check it via setting. First of all, open the setting option on your iPhone. Then, you will find the cellular option, click it. Next, click the cellular data button. After that, you will see the condition of whether your phone is locked or unlocked. If you find the option ‘cellular data network’, it means your iPhone is unlocked. But, if you cannot find that option, yours is locked.

2. Checking Via SIM Card

The second way is via a SIM card. First, power off the iPhone that you want to check. Next, use the paperclip to remove the SIM card on the iPhone. After getting the SIM card, you need to put that SIM card into a different SIM card carrier. If your iPhone doesn’t have two SIM card carriers, you may use another iPhone which has two SIM card carriers. After that, close the tray back and power on the iPhone.

The next step is you should call any active number. Then, when you get a strange message such as an error message which contains the information that the call is unavailable, your iPhone might be locked.

Thus, it is important to know about how to check if the iPhone is unlocked. The previous information will be useful to know whether we get a good quality iPhone or not. don’t let people do the trick for us. We need to be aware of every single thing in this world.

How to Make Lemongrass Tea in Easy Way at Home

Lemongrass Tea

Lemon tea is already common. Everybody can make that one easily in any creation. But have you ever tried something new? Let’s make the lemongrass tea for the next your “me-time”. This is also just as easy. More than that, you will get some benefits from the lemongrass. If you have sleeping trouble, immune issue, or PMS symptoms, just sit and drink lemongrass tea. Follow the steps on how to make lemongrass tea in this article, then feel the new calming sensation.

Lemongrass is one of the most popular herbs from Asia. Actually, this plant could be found in a tropical area. People usually add the lemongrass in the soup or fried in dried. But don’t be sad if you are not Asian. You are still able to plant the lemongrass by figuring how to harvest lemongrass based on your environment. Because planting it is so easy, even though you only have a small garden or several pots.

Recipe of Fresh Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea is free from caffeine. Because its leaves are not like the tea leaves. So, you can enjoy lemongrass tea every day dan every time without having worries for sleep side effects. Following the steps on how to make lemongrass tea below won’t take you much time. It is so simple, and you can make for many cups at the same time. Ready for the new freshness?


  • 5 cups of water (depends on how many cups you want to make)
  • ¼ cup of sugar
  • 2 or 3 stalks of lemongrass, roughly chopped
  • Lime for garnish (optional)


  1. Take your pan and add some water-based on the portion you want to make. Boil the water with the medium-high heat level.
  2. Add the lemongrass leaves inside. Let them boil rapidly for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  3. Reduce the heat to low but don’t turn off your stove, and simmer for 5 more minutes.
  4. Take out the stalks from the water. Add the sugar (or any sweetener if you want), stir until it gets dissolved.
  5. Remove from heat and directly divide into cups. You can also pour into the teapot before it is served.
  6. Enjoy while it is warm.


  • Using a sweetener here is optional. If you want tastier, putting sugar or any sweetener might give you another taste.
  • There are many articles that show you how to make lemongrass tea. Some people serve the tea in cold. So, right after they remove from heat and place into a teapot, they rest it for 5 minutes then put in the refrigerator. Add some ice might make the tea fresher too.

The Uses of Lemongrass Tea

Lemongrass tea is a perfect compliment for your leisure time. In fact, you can get more benefits from lemongrass tea. As we mentioned before, lemongrass can help you to boost immune, cure the sleeping problem, and reduce stomach cramps due to PMS. Besides those uses, lemongrass tea is useful for cholesterol, diabetes, and controlling blood pressure. Lemongrass is rich with minerals that keep your health.

Drinking lemongrass tea is healthy and tasty. How to make lemongrass tea above is worth a try, even more on a rainy day. You can ask your friends to sit together and enjoy the warmth of friendship through a fresh lemongrass tea.

7 Brother MFC-J6545DW Features You Would Love To Have

Brother MFC-J6545DW

Want to search for a suitable printer for your office? Drop your choice on Brother MFC-J6545DW. It is absolutely a printer that has anything you expect. The features are tremendous, with a price that will gag you up. Curious with it? Let’s check some primary features of the printer you would love with.

Brother MFC-J6545DW Features

Complete Devices On One Machine

This is the first primary features of Brother MFC-J6545DW. Just by reading this, I’m sure you’ll be interested. When you buy this printer, you’ll get 4 devices all at once. You could get a printer machine, with copier, scanner, and fax altogether. So you don’t need to worry about buying for the devices separately. Just take this one and you’ve gotten all you need.

Easy Manual Setup

Ever find a printer with many setups that makes you easily forgotten to do this and that? Yes, I’m sure you often find the kind of. However, it’s different if you use Brother MFC-J6545DW. Like other Brother printers, it has a very easy manual setup. The main buttons – such as to print, to scan, and stuff – are appeared clearly on the touch screen. So you don’t need to examine deep and deeper on the manual menu. With just one click, the printer will do the task you give.

Fast Working Speed

Yes! Brother MFC-J6545DW is fairly good when it comes to working speed. It could print up to 22 pages per minute, scan 20 images, and 33.6 kbps fax speed. And what makes it more valuable is that the printer could do these tasks all at once. You don’t need to worry that the printer would easily be heated up. The temperature of this printer would remain on 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Brother MFC-J6545DW Ink

Support More Than 15 OS

Who doesn’t want to have a printer that works well with all PC? If you use this printer, you’re going to catch up with the fact that it could work with more than 15 OS. From the Linux, Apple, macOS, until Windows. So whatever PC you use to give printing or copying command, this printer would understand and works unhindered for you.

A Long Warranty

Among all printers, Brother tends to give more length warranty. While other printers give a year warranty maximum, Brother gives twice more. When someday your Brother printers can’t work like when it’s normal, you can bring it to Brother store nearby. As long as it’s still on two years usage.

Outstanding Month Capacity

This Brother printer is particularly created for office use. So you don’t need to be afraid that the printer can’t keep up your office’s duty. As for printing, copying, and scanning, it has 30 thousand maximum capacities in each. Anyway, for the fax, it could save up to 360 pages, with 250 broadcast transmission.

Energy Savvy

When you use Brother MFC-J6545DW, you don’t need to worry your electricity bills. This printer is energy savvy. It just uses 1 watt when asleep, 5.5 on standby, and especially…only 30 watts while it’s working! I’m sure you wouldn’t find this on other printers.

It is all the primary features of Brother MFC-J6545DW. To have this printer you just need to pay for 250 to 270 dollars. Sounds amazing, huh?

Instagram Captions Tips for Vloggers

Captions Tips for Vloggers

Nowadays, writing Instagram captions is a must-have talent, especially for you who likes to get famous. Yes, I talk straightly to you, a newcomer but potential vlogger. We won’t leave you questioning about how the previous influencers got popular from IG. Instead, we’ll share some Instagram captions tips for vloggers on the list below.

Instagram Captions Tips for Vloggers

Don’t Just Copy Paste

So you got many social media? Make sure you don’t use precisely the same post at all of it. Followers of a former influencer often get sick when they see the idol did this. Let alone you. It’ll better if you write directly at each your social media. Don’t copy your post from a social media and then paste it at another one.

Remember, the point of using social media is to engage with the human. If you repeat your words over and over, it seems like your social media is operated by a robot.

Write Casually But Neatly

Another Instagram captions tips for vlogger is to write casually. Most successful influencers don’t use formal words when posting their video. It is because most people tend to like informal words than the formal one.

However, it doesn’t mean you can write an entirely up-to-you caption. We recommend you to use emoji, but not some rude words.

Use Simple Yet Powerful Words

Powerful Words

Become powerful doesn’t always mean you have a lot of talks, right? It’s even better if you can explain something compelling in a simple way. Besides you save the time to create the captions, you can also keep your followers attracted to your post. So the next time, they wouldn’t get tired to read your Instagram captions. Because instead of reading a full paragraph, they only need to read a sentence.

Mind Your Language

We have mentioned harsh words as above, but haven’t talked how important it is. One of the Instagram captions tips for vloggers is speaking politely. You can still use slang, of course. As long as it’s not rude and neither offending people. A vlogger is just like an actor nowadays. When you’re being known to like speaking harshly, people will disrespect you.

“Talk” With Your Followers

The next Instagram captions tips for vloggers is to stay connected. If you want to maintain your popularity, you have to talk to your followers.

Does it mean you have to answer their response one by one? You can do it if possible. But it’s not precisely what we’re talking here. What we mean is to make interactive captions. Write captions like you’re talking directly to the followers.

Includes The Naked Link

Are you only become a vlogger at Instagram? If yes, you can ignore this last tip. However, if you also do vlogging on other sites (such as YouTube), you’d better don’t miss this.

A naked link is a full link people can see, so they can directly visit the link by clicking it. Presently, there’s still no way to insert a naked link on Instagram captions. However, you can always add it on the bio. Therefore, whenever you update your vlog, you can replace the previous link with the new one.

It is all the Instagram captions tips for vloggers you can apply. As long as you use the tips, your followers won’t get bored and asleep.