9 Best Apps for Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

Nowadays, many people enjoy infotainment, news, sport, and entertainment through online media. We can say that Amazon did a good job of foreseeing this thing. That’s why we now have Fire TV Stick, or widely known as firestick. Therefore, to give you several options, here are the best apps for firestick:

1. Netflix

One of the best apps for firestick is Netflix. This application can watch a streaming film and program TV easily. Many people download this application to watch their favorite films. There are many kinds of genre films in this application. So, film-lovers should download this application.

2. Hulu

This application provides many kinds of program TV. There are sports, news, film, and kids programs. Thus, this application is the most complete application for family and watching together. So, watching this application will be more interesting because all of the family can enjoy it.

3. Kodi

This application is free. So, many people download this application. That’s why this application is the best app for firestick. This application provides a hundred add-on for live streaming, sports streaming, and film streaming. This application is user friendly. So, many people love it.

4. Showbox

This application provides a gorgeous portfolio. There’s comprehensive content to satisfy all of the users. This application is about film and program TV. Even though there is no application in the app store, this application can be downloaded by APK, directly.

5. Pluto TV

Pluto TV

This application is the best app for firestick because this application has 100 channels. It’s free and it can be downloaded at the app store for firestick. Even for the near time, it will diversify the category. So, Pluto is always one step ahead of other applications. Because there is no application as good as Pluto TV.

6. Crackle

One of the entertainment applications is developed by Sony. Therefore, Crackle presents high-class infotainment. Uniquely, this application has a feature of parent’s control that it can watch children control what they watch. So, children will watch good entertainment.

7. Sling TV

This application offers the best channel and planning to fix the price. Therefore, Sling TV claims itself as the application to provide TV programs. Even this application is a heavy competitor of UFC. Sling TV is a paid service. Thus,  It can be found at the app store of firestick easily.

8. HBO Now

Listening to HBO is an old name in entertainment, but this application always provides fresh entertainment. Now, let’s download this application into firestick and feel a thousand pieces of entertainment. You will like it very much. So, let’s ask all of the family to join and watch the entertainment in HBO Now.

9. Crunchy Roll

This application is special for cartoon lovers. This application provides streaming the best anime and the biggest in Asia about Anime. There are many favorite anime in this application. Such as my hero Academia and Dragon Ball. So, this is good news for anime lovers.

Those are some of the best apps for firestick. Now, watching streaming about everything will be more fun at home. Even more, nowadays everyone should stay at home during COVID 19. Therefore, many people find entertainment to support activities at home. Not to mention, you can run to Drivers and Software to get the apps.