How to Backup Android Phone Before Factory Reset

Backup Android Phone Before Factory Reset

Android Manager from TunesBro is one of the best Android backup tools. It shows how to backup Android phone before the Factory Reset. Moreover, the toolkit contains several options to handle data and operating system on the device. Those options include Restore, Repair, Switch, Transfer, Root and more.

The Backup and Restore module has a unique feature. In addition, it also allows the users to preview files in any of their backups. This is very useful when restoring data. Moreover, the users can move the files as they wish. Below are the steps to do the Backup.

  • Install Android Backup and Restore on PC or Mac

The application for backup that is going to use here is TunesBro. It is an extremely flexible and trustworthy application. Thus, the data is safe 100%. Over 3.4 million people have downloaded this application today. Therefore, this is a very good hand for backup and restore utility.

This is the first and a must step to do. In this step, just go download and install TunesBro Android Manager. In addition, don’t forget to download it on Windows or Mac computer. That’s because it will affect the next step of how to backup Android phone before Factory Reset.

  • Connect Android Device to Computer

After the first step, then go to the next step. Here, connect the Android device to the computer using a USB cable. After connecting it, then launch the program. After that, go click on the Backup and Restore module. At this point, enabling debugging on Android device is a must.

Connecting an Android device to the computer is the crucial step. Thus, make sure that the USB cable is the original one to avoid the error. Moreover, connect the device and launch the application will preview all previous backups. Then, decide what data that need to restore to the phone.

  • Select Files for Backup

Well, in this step, there will be two options. They are Restore and Backup options which have a different purpose. Here, choose the “Backup” button and proceed to the next step. Then, there will be a new page of how to backup Android phone before Factory Reset.

That page will bring to the end of how to back up Android phone before Factory Reset. However, when trying to back up the data, don’t choose Restore. It is because Restore is only to get back the deleted data. Restore is useful after the Backup process.

  • Backup All Data to Computer

Welcome to the new screen. There will be various types of data displayed on the screen. Moreover, there are also checkboxes next to the data. The default will select all the data types. However, there is also an option not to back up some data and simply deselect that option.

At last, click on the button shown on the bottom right side of the screen that says “Backup”. Then the backup in on progress. This is the end of how to backup Android phone before the Factory Reset step.

Once people have completed this backup process, they can go to check the data. This is to check whether the data is safe or not. They may proceed to factory reset to their device. When the data is safe, they can restore them to their device.

Best Password Manager App for Android

Best Password Manager App

One of the most common suggestions dealing with how to protect various accounts you have is making the passwords of your accounts as strong and unique as possible. It is also important to make sure that you change the passwords periodically to keep everything safe from any hacking issues. However, this is not a fun thing to do. In fact, there are a lot of us who do not really concern with safety issues and think that everything will be just fine. Well, you know that this is risky so using one of the best password manager apps for Android must be a great idea. Check out the following list for our recommendations.

3 Best Password Manager App for Android


1Password is a password manager app that allows you to generate very strong and unique passwords and store them. In fact, this app also provides you with an interesting feature of saving credit card information. In addition, 1Password is also equipped with browser add-ons for several popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Edge. It means, this app can be synced with your desktop. This is a paid app that costs at $36 to $60 a year, but you can try the 30-day-trial free version to know how it works.


Dashlane is not only available for Android but Mac, iOS, and PC as well. This is a powerful password manager which is capable of protecting your passwords by storing the passwords by using AES-256 encryption. Besides, this is also equipped with automatic password generation, fingerprint login, a security dashboard, and more. The digital wallet allows you to store credit card, bank accounts, IDs, and other personal information of yours. The app is free with no ads. However, you can use the premium version when you need to use more features and sync the app across multiple devices.


Keeper is also one of the best password manager apps for Android that you can choose. This application enables you to organize and store your passwords safely. You can also secure your files and other information you have and share them with trusted contacts. This app is free and user-friendly. Like the other two apps above, this has a built-in password generator that allows you to create strong and unique passwords. Further, you can sync and backup your important files to the cloud. Anything else? Well, Keeper also has the fingerprint scanner and face recognition features that make it a great alternative to consider. For the free 30-day trial version, you can simply download and try it. To enjoy the cloud services, you will need to subscribe to Keeper’s annual subscriptions.

Well, those are three of the best password manager apps for Android that you surely need especially have to get extra protection for your important files and information. You will never know when the buddy called hacker will hack your accounts so that the protection is surely crucial.

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