How To Check If An iPhone Is Unlocked or Unlocked

How To Check if an iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

Some people are usually not aware of the iPhone they buy. They just carry about the iPhone that they bought has good looking and cheap. But be careful with the good looking appearance of the iPhone. When you buy a used iPhone, you need to be aware of everything not just about the physical appearance. The buyer should know whether or not the iPhone is unlocked or locked. If you wonder about how to check if an iPhone is unlocked, then we will explain it to you.

Know Your iPhone Clearly

iPhone is one of the most famous smartphones that exists among people. Therefore, many people make a trick and debase the iPhone. They want to get more by their trick, especially for the used iPhone. Thus, we should know and understand the specific information about our iPhone. We should never let people make a trick of us. The important thing to do in order to know better about our iPhone is by checking whether the iPhone is locked or unlocked.

What Happened with Locked And Unlocked iPhone?

The locked iPhone will totally disturb the owner. The iPhone will not be available to connect or to do some work. The carrier cannot be connected by the reason locked iPhone. Thus, we can say that we are losing something in the iPhone that we bought.

However, the unlocked iPhone can work as a common iPhone. It is available for all the settings and carriers of the iPhone. Commonly, the locked iPhone occurs to the used iPhone. Thus, we should be aware of the used iPhone that we want to buy. We should check everything such as the IMEI of the iPhone.

Steps on How to Check if an iPhone is Unlocked or Locked

The next important information is the way to check whether our iPhone is locked or unlocked. When you wonder about the way you can try the following steps in order to check the iPhone.

1. Checking Via Setting

How to Check if an iPhone is Unlocked or Locked b

To check the locked or unlock of your iPhone you can check it via setting. First of all, open the setting option on your iPhone. Then, you will find the cellular option, click it. Next, click the cellular data button. After that, you will see the condition of whether your phone is locked or unlocked. If you find the option ‘cellular data network’, it means your iPhone is unlocked. But, if you cannot find that option, yours is locked.

2. Checking Via SIM Card

The second way is via a SIM card. First, power off the iPhone that you want to check. Next, use the paperclip to remove the SIM card on the iPhone. After getting the SIM card, you need to put that SIM card into a different SIM card carrier. If your iPhone doesn’t have two SIM card carriers, you may use another iPhone which has two SIM card carriers. After that, close the tray back and power on the iPhone.

The next step is you should call any active number. Then, when you get a strange message such as an error message which contains the information that the call is unavailable, your iPhone might be locked.

Thus, it is important to know about how to check if the iPhone is unlocked. The previous information will be useful to know whether we get a good quality iPhone or not. don’t let people do the trick for us. We need to be aware of every single thing in this world.