Instagram Captions Tips for Vloggers

Captions Tips for Vloggers

Nowadays, writing Instagram captions is a must-have talent, especially for you who likes to get famous. Yes, I talk straightly to you, a newcomer but potential vlogger. We won’t leave you questioning about how the previous influencers got popular from IG. Instead, we’ll share some Instagram captions tips for vloggers on the list below.

Instagram Captions Tips for Vloggers

Don’t Just Copy Paste

So you got many social media? Make sure you don’t use precisely the same post at all of it. Followers of a former influencer often get sick when they see the idol did this. Let alone you. It’ll better if you write directly at each your social media. Don’t copy your post from a social media and then paste it at another one.

Remember, the point of using social media is to engage with the human. If you repeat your words over and over, it seems like your social media is operated by a robot.

Write Casually But Neatly

Another Instagram captions tips for vlogger is to write casually. Most successful influencers don’t use formal words when posting their video. It is because most people tend to like informal words than the formal one.

However, it doesn’t mean you can write an entirely up-to-you caption. We recommend you to use emoji, but not some rude words.

Use Simple Yet Powerful Words

Powerful Words

Become powerful doesn’t always mean you have a lot of talks, right? It’s even better if you can explain something compelling in a simple way. Besides you save the time to create the captions, you can also keep your followers attracted to your post. So the next time, they wouldn’t get tired to read your Instagram captions. Because instead of reading a full paragraph, they only need to read a sentence.

Mind Your Language

We have mentioned harsh words as above, but haven’t talked how important it is. One of the Instagram captions tips for vloggers is speaking politely. You can still use slang, of course. As long as it’s not rude and neither offending people. A vlogger is just like an actor nowadays. When you’re being known to like speaking harshly, people will disrespect you.

“Talk” With Your Followers

The next Instagram captions tips for vloggers is to stay connected. If you want to maintain your popularity, you have to talk to your followers.

Does it mean you have to answer their response one by one? You can do it if possible. But it’s not precisely what we’re talking here. What we mean is to make interactive captions. Write captions like you’re talking directly to the followers.

Includes The Naked Link

Are you only become a vlogger at Instagram? If yes, you can ignore this last tip. However, if you also do vlogging on other sites (such as YouTube), you’d better don’t miss this.

A naked link is a full link people can see, so they can directly visit the link by clicking it. Presently, there’s still no way to insert a naked link on Instagram captions. However, you can always add it on the bio. Therefore, whenever you update your vlog, you can replace the previous link with the new one.

It is all the Instagram captions tips for vloggers you can apply. As long as you use the tips, your followers won’t get bored and asleep.