Use Of Bluestacks On PC For Android Users


Have you ever felt tired after looking too long on your mobile phone? And you feel you just need a bigger screen to help with what you are doing. Well, for those who are Android users can be glad because now there is a thing called Android Emulator. An Android emulator is a software that allows people to run their Android system on their PC. There are many kinds of emulators apps available these days, but one of the top emulators is Bluestacks. The use of Bluestacks is just like others, however, this emulator can be used in the iOS system.

Bluestacks is an app that will help people run their Android system using their PC. People can get the app on their official website, whether the free or premium version. For a try, it is better to download the free version first to feel the function of the app. The main function of the app is to run Android systems, but the use of Bluestacks is more than that. Here are some of the functions of Bluestacks that you can use on your PC:

Use Of Bluestacks On PC

1. Transfer Data

Transferring data from your phone to your computer can take some time. Whether you transfer it using email or cable data it will take some time. There are also times that people just forget to transfer data and missed them on the phone. If you are one of these people, then use Bluestacks on your PC. Without any cable or email, you can transfer or get your data using the app. All you need to do is sync the data between your app and your mobile phone.

2. Text Messages

Focusing on two gadgets is quite hard, therefore use one of them instead of two. The use of Bluestacks makes this possible because you can text by your PC. Whether you want to text using your social media or using traditional text messages, they are both available. However, to be able to text, you must download a connector in Google Play. Once you download it, you can use your messages and start texting.

3. Play Games

Play Games on Bluestacks

Playing an exciting game on your mobile can sometimes be tiring because of the small screen and pads. However, you don’t need to worry anymore because you can now play them on your PC. Bluestucks provide more than 50,000 games and apps from Android, so you are sure to have fun.

4. Delete and/or Add Software

Just like using your normal phone, using this app you can add and delete software that you will be needing. Installing software from your phone can take some time, so it is faster from your PC. This way you won’t lose your mobile data either.

5. Organize your Phone

Not many people use this function, but you can organize the content of your phone with this app. However, make sure to the File organizer to help you organize it with your PC. Is the Blustacker safe to do this task? Yes, as long as your account is safe, then the Bluestacks will also be safe. Organizing from your PC is faster and easier, so when it gets full use Bluestacks.

These are some of the top uses of Bluestacks that people mostly use the app for. It is possible that the app will be developed and have more functions to help people. However, in the meantime, these are top use and they have been helpful for many people. To get more features on the app, make sure to download the latest version of the app. Thus, for those who ask is Bluestacks safe, the answer is a yes!